This page consists of student work completed by BHS Spanish students.

Storytelling via AdobeVoice: For the 2014/2015 Blizzard Bag assignment, Spanish II students created a video presentation where they told a story about what they were like and what they used to do when they were younger. Check out this example that one student created using the AdobeVoice app on the iPad.

La enseñanza de Por y Para: In April of 2014, Spanish IV students did an amazing job teaching the uses of the Spanish prepositions, Por and Para, through music videos that they created using iMovie. Please check out the videos below. You are in for a treat!

Las conversaciones en español: For this project, students had to converse in Spanish about different topics. They were able to chose how they wanted to record their conversations. Some students chose iMovie and others chose Touchcast. Check out some examples below created in March of 2014.

Touchcast: How to cocinar una comida americana

La celebración de la herencia hispana: The following presentations were completed by AP Spanish students in October of 2013. They recorded a video of themselves describing an influential Hispanic individual that lives/lived in the United States and had a positive impact on society. Some famous Hispanics that students chose to investigate included Junot Díaz, José Hernández, and Celia Cruz. The following presentations are made with the Movenote application, which allows students to include a video of themselves describing photographs or slides.

Movenote-Celia Cruz Movenote-José Hernández Movenote-Junot Díaz

Mi autorretrato: The recordings were completed by Spanish IV students in October of 2012. They designed a self-portrait using construction paper, markers, colored pencils, and visuals from magazines or print visuals from the web. First, they drew their self-portrait and, then, they pasted visuals that represented their interests. After presenting their self-portrait in class, they recorded their visual presentation using their iPad.
Mark Samantha Miguel Jorge Alejandra Jonathan Mateo Sharleen Amit

El mes de los hispanos/Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month: The following recordings were made by Spanish IV students during the first term of the 2012-2013 school year. First, students investigated three famous Hispanic people. Next, they wrote a five-paragraph formal essay highlighting the three individuals' accomplishments and described how they give back to society. After writing the formal essay, students recorded themselves reading their essays in their best Spanish accents and intonation. In the end, students realized that many of their favorite actors, athletes, and musicians gave back to children, foundations for diseases, and schools in a positive way.
Irina Mateo Samantha Nicole Jonathan

Por vs. Para videos: Have difficulty learning when to use por and para? Watch the music videos created by Spanish IV students during the 2011-2012 school year. Students used iMovie and the ShowMe app to create most of these videos. Hopefully the catchy rhymes will help you remember the rules!

"Por y para niños"
"Do I use por or para?"
"Por and para baby!"
"Por y para rap" (Baila el chacarron// con los chicos!)
The last por y para rap

How to express the weather: Students used the ShowMe app to create the following lessons (2011-2012 school year).
El tiempo de hoy en Ecuador y España
El clima de Colombia
El tiempo de Venezuela y Madrid